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Longboarding & Skateboarding are great and fun sports. Having the right equipment will help you enjoy them a lot. Here at Longboards USA we try to provide all the gear you need. Whether you are looking for boards, completes or parts - we have it.
Just starting on a board or years of experience - checkout the

longboard skateboard online store.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at: info@LongboardsUSA.com
We ship to the lower 48 states - USA.
Shipping happens in 1 to 5 business days after receiving payment.

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase and have fun, so if there is anything wrong please contact us within 5 days.
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We try to put the best possible product pictures on our website however some boards might in reality have slightly different colors and designs. Wheel colors may fluctuate based on supply. Many Mountain boards, drop deck longboards, skateboards, pintail longboard, freestyle long boards, freeride long boards, downhill longboards etc. are redesigned on a frequent basis. Some longboard skateboards are made in small batches and available for just one season. For some longboard skateboard decks we show pictures of the completes (deck, trucks and wheels) and for some complete long boards we show just the deck in the longboard store. Our inventory of cheap and longboards for sale fluctuate a lot and sometimes boards are sold out before we can update the website. When you go longboarding we strongly advice to use the right protective gear. Especially at high speed longboarding can be dangerous so be cautious and don't be a fool but make sure you protect yourself with a helmet, wrist protectors, elbow and knee pads. Longboarding is a awesome, fun and active activity, which gives you access to fresh air and exercise while enjoying the outdoors, hills, boardwalk or skatepark. Don't be abnoxious but share the pavement and concrete, be courteous to others and give everybody space to enjoy whatever they are doing. Go shred and have fun! Longboards USA Product Reviews: 4.8 out of 117 reviews.

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