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Beercan Microbrewster 24" Red Longboard Cruiser

Beercan Microbrewster 24" Red Longboard Cruiser

The Aluminum Microbrewster is our entry-level board.It has great features, but is also economical. Since it's a Beercan Boards, it's eco-friendly, and the aluminum is almost impossible to destroy!

Microbrewsters are particularly handy in middle and high schools as the board is small enough to put into a backpack or locker. And, if the school security decides that you cannot bring it in the building, you can always use the fingerholes to place a bike lock through!

This standard model features our TruckTrax system; you can slide your trucks to your preferred position and then lock them into place. Included are the 4 TruckTrax sliders, 8 locking bolts, and 8 nylock nuts.

Easy to carry with the handgrips on the side of the board. Comes standard with griptape. Has nose guards for those bumpy rides.

Get it now. Made in the USA.
  • Shape: topmount cruiser board
  • Size: 24" x 8"
  • Material: Recycled Aluminum
  • Shape: A 3" kicktail raises slightly from the rear
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