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Valhalla OG Flakebone 29.5" Skateboard Longboard Deck

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The Valhalla OG Flakebone is a dream for the cruiser. This awesome deck is a do-it-all board for freeride and street skaters alike who also want to be able to ollie up curbs and do tricks. This board was designed with a short wheelbase, giving you a turning radius like none other. This makes the The Valhalla OG Flakebone a perfect board. This will surely rock your day. The Valhalla OG Flakebone is equipped with a functional nose and tail, giving you the flexibility and ability to do skating over anything and everything in almost everywhere. Grab a The Valhalla OG Flakebone and forget about boring skating.
  • 29.5" long
Product code: MA-DECVALOGF
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