Best Purple Longboard available

Purple is an excellent and vibrant color. Some people also call it violet. Purple and violet are similar in color, though purple is closer to red. Purple was the color worn by Roman magistrates and it became imperial color worn by the rulers. You can rule too. If you love purple, here some boards that have purple raining all over them.

Look at these longboard skateboard glowing in purple. A purple longboard deck, fully purple or with purple as a main color. Great variation, some cheap longboards among them. The purple long board is available from our store. Also available are purple wheels in a variety of size and durometer.

We have purple longboard decks, complete longboards and purple skateboards. With the decks you can combine them with purple wheels.

If only purple is a little bit too much for you, look at the boards that have purple in it like the black striped, fat stripe skateboard, the Stella pintail longboard Deer or the Graphic kicktail Dice longboard. Just to name a few.

If you buy a blank natural longboard or skateboard, you can make your own purple design on it by painting or coloring it with purple paint or markers. Just an idea.

Check out the purple longboards, skateboards and wheels, and if you need help just let us know.