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Best Cheap Longboards Under 100

So looking for some of the best cheap longboards under $100?

We have several great boards under $100 in our store. Because to enjoy longboarding you don't need to spent a lot of money
Don't go for the ultra cheap boards, but take one that's good quality below $100. You still want to have fun, right?

Cheap Longboards Under $100

Don't go to the mega sport shopping warehouses for a cheap boards as your board might not ride as smooth, not turn as good as it could and that can hinder your fun.
There are very good longboards available between $60 and $100 very pretty much any riding style.

Shorter boards are in general a bit cheaper (less material needed) and if you go for blank instead of a graphic you can save some money too. Blank boards are available in several colors from grass green, to popular pink, sky blue or hot red.

The graphic makes your board look cool, however with some brand spanking stickers and some personal creativity you can make a real unique board without any extra cost.

Here some low priced good but at the same time quality board to get you started.
Also take a look at all the cheap longboards in our on sale section .
Also take a look at all the best cheap longboards under $100 in our on sale section .