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Best Blank Longboard Decks

When buying a longboard you have to decide between a board with a graphic on it, or a blank one. A longboard can show your personality, so how about one that’s blank and you can really show off who you are! 

Finding the best look that suits you is not always easy. You have thousands of options in different sizes, styles, and colors but if you want to make it really personal, just buy a blank board.

A blank longboard deck allows you to be creative. You have a blank canvas so, you can make your own design, either with spray paint, regular paint, or even markers. You can think of anything. And if you're not that creative but still want to show off your personality, there are stickers available with images, phrases, as well as logos so you can decorate your longboard the way you like.

Lately, Blanks Longboards are becoming trendy in the skateboarding world. The main reason why skateboarders are opting for blank decks is customization. You will notice that most professional skateboarders choose the best blank skateboard decks, modify them according to their style and give them their own look and feel. 

Blank Longboard decks are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Think pintails, kicktails, drop-through, mini longboards, or dropdowns. You can get them in sizes from 26 inches to 46 inches. Some of these sizes and shapes are available in maple or bamboo or even a mix.

Now you know that there is the possibility to create your design and be original with your longboard. We will show you some of the best blank longboard decks, so you can choose the one that best suits you and start impressing wherever you ride.

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When it comes to buying a Longboard, sometimes it's difficult to decide between all the designs and artwork available, but it doesn't have to be that way, here's a better option, a blank deck. A longboard can show your style and personality, therefore when choosing a board, go for a blank deck so you can customize!
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