Ehlers Longboards

Ehlers Longboards
Ehlers Longboards provides a large variety of longboards and skateboards with customizable options for all complete boards, they are based in Huntington Beach CA, They produce top-of-the-line longboard products at affordable prices. The founder and CEO - Ryan Ehlers - has been skateboarding for over 20 years and has the passion to drive the company to the top of the industry.

Every Ehlers longboard is created with 100% devotion and care. Ehlers provides Fun BoardsĀ that are great to ride and you will enjoy riding them every day!

What type of longboards does Ehlers produce?

Ehlers Longboards offers a wide variety of longboard styles, such as drop-through, drop-down, pintail, kicktail, and top mount longboards. These boards cater to different riding styles, like cruising, carving, freeriding, downhill, and more.

What makes Ehlers Longboards stand out from other longboard brands?

Ehlers Longboards are renowned for their high-quality, handcrafted boards that cater to various longboarding styles such as cruising, carving, freeriding, and downhill. They combine innovative board designs with durable materials like Canadian Maple and bamboo to ensure a smooth longboarding experience. Moreover, Ehlers takes pride in offering an extensive range of customizable board options at competitive prices, allowing riders to tailor boards to their preferences and needs.

What is the quality of Ehlers Longboards?

Ehlers Longboards takes pride in producing high-quality, long-lasting boards made from durable materials, such as Canadian maple, bamboo, and fiberglass. The boards also feature reliable trucks, wheels, and bearings for a smooth and stable ride.

Are Ehlers Longboards suitable for beginners?

Yes, Ehlers Longboards offers models that are perfect for beginners, as well as advanced and professional riders. Their boards are designed to provide an excellent balance between stability and maneuverability, making them easy to learn on and progress with.